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Hana Sushi

About us

Hana sushi strives to be an enterprise that integrates exquisite catering with unique sushi flavor, first-class sushi bar, seafood, and a healthy dining atmosphere.

We focus on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality food. We hope Hana sushi will become a place where people can enjoy a delicious, fresh, healthy meals and partying, meeting new friends.

Chef Introduction
Bob Chong:
Head sushi chef; 38 years of experience in the sushi industry had refined his skills in delivering the finest sushi dishes. His wife and he had been operating and managing sushi restaurants back in 1985. We are honored and proud to invite him and his wife to join us and to design our menu with our secondary chef--RongCheng Jin.

RongCheng Jin:

Our secondary sushi chef, Jin, has over 23 years of experience in the sushi industry. He was taught and trained by Bob Chong for 18 years and had created sushi dishes that define his own style. His dedication to sushi will certainly bring surprises to our customers.

Signature Dishes

Lobster Sashimi
(Requires Reservation)

Fresh and premium lobster served with lemon and wasabi, prepared by Bob Joyce with his superb knife skill that reserves the most portion of the material. It has a rich mineral taste with a slippery, gelatin-like texture. The deep flavor melded perfectly with the sweet, salty, nutty marinade.

Geoduck Clam Sashimi

Geoduck Clams prepared by our chefs offer two different textures of meat: crunchy siphon(neck meat), and soft body(mantle meat); both delicately flavored.

Abalone Sashimi

Abalone has the flavor that is mild, slightly sweet, and buttery taste. Serving it as raw sushi or sashimi is a perfect way to allow the subtle taste to fully express itself

Toro Sashimi

Toro is the term for the fatty part of tuna, found in the belly portion of the fish. The cool, meaty texture combines with the fat to create a buttery sensation in the mouth, with the fresh tuna melting as you consume it.